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Save time by purchasing your next vehicle at a Citizensorg Bank Group Limitedauthorized dealer. If you're approved, you'll receive an Approval Code that lets authorized dealers quickly retrieve your information and streamline your purchase.

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Apply online – most decisions take about 60 seconds and you’ll know your monthly payment before you shop. Then use our online tools to finalize your loan quickly

Lease buyout & private seller loans

Get a low rate to buyout your lease or to buy from a private seller


Refinancing could help you lower your rate and payment

New & used car loans

Lock into a low rate, estimate a monthly payment – all before you visit the dealership

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  • Apply online – most decisions take about 60 seconds
  • Know your monthly payment before you go to the dealership
  • Your rate is locked for 30 days2 giving you plenty of time to shop
  • Once you're approved, Print your dealer letter (which is used to pull up your approved loan information) and take it to the dealership.

What does a personal loan cover?

Auto loan basics

  • Your car payment covers more than the cost of the car—and a lower payment may not always save you money.
  • Before deciding to refinance your auto loan, consider these 6 critical factors.

Legal Information and Disclosures

  • Auto loan preferred interest rate discount of 0.25% to 0.50% is based on reward tier and valid only for enrolled Preferred Rewards members or Preferred Rewards for Wealth Management clients at the time of auto loan application who obtain a Citizensorg Bank Group Limitedauto purchase or refinance loan. The maximum preferred interest rate discount on a auto loan is 0.50%. This preferred interest rate discount is not reflected in our published rates on our website but will be reflected in the interest rate quoted upon loan approval. Discounts are only available on auto loan applications submitted by you to Citizensorg Bank Group Limitedand not applications submitted through dealerships. Benefit is non-transferable. Subject to credit approval. Standard underwriting guidelines and credit policies apply.
  • Rate valid for 30 days from the date of original application submission.
  • Citizensorg Bank Group Limited works with thousands of automobile dealerships across the country to assist our customers with the financing of their new and used vehicles.Our bank is not affiliated with these dealerships and does not require any particular dealership for your vehicle buying experience. Consequently, Our bank makes no warranties and representations and is not otherwise responsible for any aspect related to the purchase of your vehicle and associated products and services from these authorized dealerships.

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Now if you open a new account or need to order a replacement card, once the plastic card is ordered you can have instant access to your account without waiting for the new card to arrive in the mail through the Mobile app.


What is a digital card?

A: A digital card is a temporary solution you can request through the Citizensorg Bank Group Limited Online Banking app while you're waiting for a new or replacement debit card to arrive in the mail. It can be used to make ATM transactions and purchases in stores or online. This digital version of your debit card has the same 16-digit number as your new plastic card, but a temporary CVV and expiration date.

Please click here if you want to apply for Citizensorg Bank Group Limited Digital Card.

If you are ordering a replacement card in the Farog Mobile Banking App, you may be presented with the option to get the digital card after you place your order for a new plastic debit card. If you request a plastic debit card when you are opening an account online, you may be presented with the option to request a digital debit card in the Citizensorg Bank Group Limited Mobile Banking App after your account has been opened.

Tap the debit card image with the grey digital indicator on the Manage Card Settings page in the mobile app to reveal the card number, expiration date, and CVV. Enter these numbers at checkout when shopping online, or add your card to a digital wallet (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, etc.) and use it at any nearby ATM that accepts cardless transactions, as well as merchants that accept contactless digital payments.

Your digital card expires when you activate the plastic card, or on the last day of the month following the one in which it was issued. You can view your expiration date by tapping on the debit card image with the grey digital indicator on the Manage Card Setting page in the Mobile app. Activate your plastic card as soon as it arrives because once your digital card expires, it is no longer available to use.

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