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Citizensorg Bank Limited

We values on which we built the bank over 145 years ago still stand today. They are more than the foundations of the bank, they are what connect us together - colleagues, customers, the businesses we bank, charities we support and the issues we stand for.

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While business activity has slowed ,Citizensorg Bank Group Limited continued to support consumers and business clients who rely on our products and services to live their lives, support their families, or make payroll. We have doubled ATM withdrawal limits and waived ATM fees for our Banking customers. And our digital tools and servicing platforms allow consumers and businesses to manage their finances inn resilient and convenient ways.

Our Purpose

Bringing quality and safety to life.

Our Mission

Erasing stress and anxiety from daily life isn't an option for most people today, especially when it comes to finances during uncertain times. COVID-19 has drastically uprooted the lives of many shifting our attitudes about money and our financial habits that we followed during more "normal" times. Throughout society , we Citizensorg Bank Group Limited are taking the time to evaluate what has (or hasn't) work to be better prepare ourselves and create a suitable financial resilience. As ever, our goal is to share content that is useful, evidence-based ,and offer fresh insights.

Our Vision

Since starting our business in 2006, our 200+ branches have helped over 230,000 Americans and counting. Helping Americans access affordable personal loans and financial services

We live our values, attract and retain talent, encourage entrepreneurial spirit and are proud of our cooprate culture and the integrity of our people

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